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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Bad Queenie!!

Hello my loyal people! A thousand apologies for my absence in writing to you....I have been busy overseeing a move from the lovey Kingscourt Road to Amesbury Avenue ..what a change! Kingscourt feels almost suburban and Amesbury is enriched with folks from all walks of life shall we say! As your Queen I embrace it all in my stride, and now that my oasis garden has been completed [in a Tuscan Contemporary feel thanks to Living Proof Gardens the landscapers].  You can get a peek of what I've been overseeing here ...a great success I think you'll agree!] - sadly the Treatment room that he speaks of in the case study is not to be, but we keep moving forward!

So, what has been happing in the delightful St.Reatham, apart from my move? Well a wonderful new Hair and Spa salon has opened called The Workshop literally opposite [ish] to Kingscourt Road - they have an uber cool layout of crates and an industrial kind of vibe going on.  Forgive the not-so-good picture, I took it quickly en route on the way back from spinning at Virgin Gym.  I think they have now changed the flowers from white to pink [a mistake in my view].

They sadly don't look too busy at the moment [where is their marketing?!] so get down there and have a peak...they have told me that the Spa will 'open soon' and your Queen can't wait for that as she is partial to the odd facial! The Workshop have also brough Aveda to St.Reatham ladies and gents! Oh yes.  We. Have. Arrived.

Still down that part of the high street is a new coffee shop 'We love Coffee' with the love being signified as a heart ...hmmmmm Jury is still out ..do we need another coffee house? better than an empty shop though ....or another estate agents!

What else? The curry house next to 19 Brasserie has moved on ..I have it on good authority that Cafe Rouge is coming to town!! But sadly the retailers in charge of the space will not confirm [or deny] this snippet...I shall keep you posted. 

With our move comes a whole new vibe as I've told you....we still are loyal to the Manor Arms who I'm pleased to say are growing nicely with a range of fab experiences, events and competition on offer, which you can read about here ... at our last visit, the Sunday Lunch menu has evolved into a 2 course menu for a great price, get down there.  We are now closer to the hub of shops on Leigham Court Road and have been topping up our Olive Oil, Fish, Olives and other nice eatery bits at Fish Tale - you can even take in your own bottle and fill up! Such a delight if a little pongy.  You must try their dried fruit - they have strawberries and kiwis that are to die for! Husband and I have been munching them in place of Haribo [always good to find things to replace cow hoof don't you think?], whilst watching films [on that note..go watch Limitless it's awesome and whatever you do, avoid The Human Centipede at all costs ...shudder at the memory!  eek! have noticed there is a sequal to it whilst researching for this article..how can it be?!].  There is a much better article than I can ever possibly write on this kind of thing [shops, not centipedes] on Streatham Pulse and there is a nice pic of Fish tale too, read it here

And what of the peculiar 'blue delhi on the corner' near the St.Reatham Hill Train Station? When they opened over a year ago your Queen popped into show support, check out the wine range [lovely, have tried all of them now ..lovely sparking wine you should try], she was shocked to see the sticker 'Thompsons' as their branding! Having nearly bought a house through Thompsons [the manager of which has now moved to run the newly revamped Jacksons] - I was quick to point out the associations that some might make ...estate agents to lovely delhi? hmmm with all my branding & marketing experience alarm bells were tinkling all over the place!! I have had many heart to hearts with the proprieter since then [he is Italian, she is Polish, hence the wonderful hybrid feel you get in there of Polski Sklep! meets Mafioso Eatery ...yummmy!] - and he is keen to change the name, she isn't..in the meanwhile they are 'nameless'.  I suggested a local competition to get them some great PR and a wonderfully local name! I also suggested 'Delhi on the Corner' husband suggested 'Blue Delhi'...hmmm....stick to the filming love and let your Queen get on with what she does best!

So..the jury is still out on that one, but in the meanwhile get down there and sample some wine and cheese, gorgeous breads and mergingues [that need a little less time in the oven to get to that nice gooey stage in my opinion], but nonetheless are HUGE, and a fantastic, quick desert  when combined with some strawbs and whipped cream after some alfresco dining.  Oh and pop over the road Leigham Court Road to Early Grey & Rose - they don't seem to have a website but here's a not so good picture that doesn't do it justice [bit like my one of The Workshop] - they are delightfully vintage and offer sewing classes, lots of magazines to flick through whilst you stuff your face full of cupcakes and tea served in vintage tea cups - divine!

Over and out for now, I have places to snoop and people to see, mwah mwah, Queenie xxx

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