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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Manor Arms is a hit!

Went their yesterday to taste their £11.50 two course set menu - but decided to treat ourselves to the al a carte instead.  He [hubby] had potted Shrimp with toast to start and I had grilled squid with chilli.  Delish!!! The squid was SO tender melted in my mouth.  His shrimps were nice too.  For main, he had macaroni and cheese [nice and cheesy with a side salad] I on the other hand was more adventurous and went for sea bass on what looked like a bed of snozzcumbers [think the BFG Roald Dahl - needless to say they were divine] and succulently roasted, delicately tasting Fennel.  Awesome.  To finish, we had pancakes [would be rude not to, it was Shrove Tuesday].  Him with the classic sugar and lemon, me: maple syrup and lemon.  These were cooked previously and heated up and it tasted like it - still nice but not as nice as I expected due to the quality of the rest of the meal.  Fantastic service, attentive and friendly.  We sat at the 'eating bar' overlooking the open kitchen [even getting a glimpse of Chef's bum!] - felt like 'chefs table' and was nice to see the clean kitchen and the attention to detail.  They were very accommodating and not the least bit snooty when I requested my sea bass without dill [I can't stand it!] and the head Chef used to work at The Ivy don't you know>
The meal was complemented by a wonderful wine list, encased in a posh, green hardboard menu [attention to detail to match the great refurbishment] with plenty by the glass and by carafe.  We opted for a 2005 Bordeaux [carafe] and were not disappointed.
It's VERY exciting to have businesses that want to bring a bit of class to the area [especially this particular nook of St.Reatham - if you don't know where it is, it's just down from the estate agenet's 'time to move' indeed if they are still called that ...just walk down between the churches and you can't miss it] - so you must all get down there and sample it for yourselves and support them in their quest to bring Fine food and Dining to St.Reatham.  Go forth my subjects and enjoy!
Your Queen xx

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