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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Regeneration is beginning to show signs of movement...

Well, we've all heard so much talk about the regeneration for so long but with excuses ranging from 'the recession' to 'town planning problems' we've all got a bit jaded with this 'go slow movement' [such a winner everywhere else...].  So, I'm happy to report to you that things are happening my people! First up we have The Manor Arms: a Grade II listed Edwardian Pub that by the local's account has been described to me as "not a safe place to go to ....I wouldn't have felt safe going in there even if I had guns on me!" remarked one local Streathamite.  But no more hopefully! This pub has undergone a complete refurb costing the new Landlords [Richard Coltart and Alex Hughes] £350,000.  Reported to have moved into the Gastro genre, this new venue promises a drinking and eating sensation in a brighter, modern setting.  I'll report back on what I think about it once they launch the re-opening on 15th February.....see you there??
Elsewhere, there is news that Travelodge is coming to Streatham! Not quite the Four Seasons, but it's a start and will generate increased income and employment in the area, so shouldn't be sniffed at.  A council spokesman said: “As soon as an agreement has been finalised Travelodge hope to be up and running as soon as possible.” Confused? Yes, it is a little vague, but it's a start - and work on the 90 room hotel should start soon 'somewhere on the High Street' I'm told...watch this space.
If you've not been already, then get yourself down to The Hamlet [opposite Perfect Blend] for a yummy cocktail and some brunch or lunch and a glimpse of the hardworking Elsa Ibro who should be credited for turning the one time Grill into a wonderful vintage nook, where you can curl up on oppulent chairs and sofas and have a chat or a wiggle to the funky tunes played at the weekend.   The toilets are still too cold though Elsa....
And on to treading the boards - do you see yourself as culture vulture? Well your time of schlepping into town to get your fix may well soon be over as I have it on good authority that there are plans to use some of the old Bowling Alley as a theatre! Streatham used to be home to The Streatham Playhouse and if you're interested then head to this site where Matthew Lloyd has a wonderful archive on all things theatrical and has dedicated some space to our little Streatham.  A comprehensive website, well worth a read.  So, it seems that the future holds a theatre for us - here's hoping! More as I learn about it. 

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